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Our Philosophy

At Ghyslain Chocolatier, Inc, we’re known for the quality and creativity of how we prepare our chocolates and pastries. The bright colors, hand-painted decorations, imaginative themes and renowned flavors of our chocolates and pastries stand apart from the competition. In addition to Ghyslain bistro locations, we provide European pastries, traditional gelato, artisan chocolates and breads to distributors and wholesale accounts. 

Although we make every effort to ensure your chocolate travels successfully through temperatures over 70F, we highly recommend overnight shipping. We cannot be responsible for shipments left unattended or not shipped overnight.

About Ghyslain

Chef Ghyslain MauraisAn artist can express himself in many ways. For Ghyslain Maurais, it has been through chocolate and pastry. Born in Québec, Canada, Ghyslain found his culinary passion while working in the field to fund his architectural ...

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