Make-Your-Own-box: Gourmet Gift Basket

Make-Your-Own: Gourmet Gift Basket (Hand-Rolled Truffles)


What better way to say thank you or I love you than with a gourmet gift basket? Shower them with gourmet hand-painted chocolate in a variety of unique and masterful flavors. Choose which collection of chocolates fill each box in the bundle. Our chocolate boxes are stacked in a beautiful hand made paper tray and finished with a gold ribbon.

Note: 6-count box style may vary. The chocolates you choose to fill them with remain the same. 


Additional information

Large Chocolate Box

Ghyslain's Signature 12-count, Le Montage 12-count, Truffle Harmonie 12-count, Structure Galerie 12-count, Collection de Caramel 12-count, Seasonal 12-count

Medium Chocolate Box

Ghyslain's Signature 6-count Window Box, Le Montage 6-count Window Box, Truffle Harmonie 6-count Window Box, Structure Galerie 6-count Window Box, Collection de Caramel 6-count Window Box, Seasonal 6-count Window Box

Small Chocolate Box

Ghyslain's Signature 4-count, Le Montage 4-count, Truffle Harmonie 4-count, Structure Galerie 4-count, Collection de Caramel 4-count, Seasonal 4-count, Turtle Mosaique 4-count

Chocolate Sleeve

Le Montage Sleeve 7-count, Seasonal Sleeve 7-count

Hand-Rolled Truffles

Dark Chocolate Hand Rolled Truffles, Les Truffle au Natural Hand Rolled Truffles, Milk Chocolate Hand Rolled Truffles


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