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Ghyslain on Market Closing

Ghyslain on Market will close January 29, 2017

Chef Ghyslain Maurais announces that he will be closing his East Market location at the end of January.  Due to ongoing construction in the area and more to follow, the bistro site will need to be used for construction vehicle parking.  

Regarding the closing of Ghyslain on East Market, Chef Ghyslain and his entire team would like to thank all their patrons for the support over the years and will look forward to serving them at the Ghyslain Westport Village location. 

Ghyslain on Market bistroThank you!

We want to sincerely thank everyone in the Louisville community for their support over the last 6 years! We are sad to say goodbye!

Please stop by and visit us at the following locations which will remain open: Ghyslain at Westport Village, Louisville, KY and Ghyslain Chocolatier, Union City, IN or find our delicious treats here on our website.


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  1. Please come back after the hotel construction is complete.

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