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Fresh French Bread

Each weekday, whichever breads are being made in our kitchens are also sold in our Union City, Indiana boutique in the afternoon. Stop in to pick up the fresh French bread of the day or get any bread frozen. Call ahead to learn which bread is available fresh.

Learn more about what products we'll have available at the Farmers Market by clicking here.

About Our French Breads

  • Croissants - A buttery, flaky crescent-shaped pastry. Croissants are great for dipping in coffee as breakfast or making sandwiches with.
  • Brioche  - A highly enriched bread of French origin whose high egg and butter content give it a rich and tender crumb. Find our brioche in loaf form or in  sandwich form as square brioche. 
  • Baguette - A long, thin loaf with a crisp crust. Slice 1" thick pieces on a diagonal and serve with soup, salad or pasta.
  • Chocolatine - A buttery, flaky pastry with chocolate inside. (Made for Farmers Market)


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