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Join us for a tour at Ghyslain Chocolatier Artisan Center in Union City, IN. This is not a chocolate factory tour since all of our breads, pastries and chocolates are handmade with care. Rather, take a tour of our production facilities and see how much dedication goes into each delicious item we create here. 

*All tours require reservations. No tours are available in Nov & Dec.*


Basic Tour 

Minimum 20 persons.
Available Mon-Thur. 

Your tour begins with a short video that introduces you to the story of Chyslain Chocolatier and a chocolate taste test between commercial chocolate and fine gourmet chocolate. Can you tell the difference? Next, learn how our shipping and receiving department ships around the world! Then, you will be introduced to our bread staff and pastry staff as they create beautiful desserts. Finally, you will be guided to our chocolate production area where you will learn the delicate process of how Ghyslain's hand-painted chocolates are made. 


Lunch Tour

$14.50-$20.50/per person plus tax and gratuity. (Includes $5 Basic Tour fee.)
Minimum 8 persons.
Available Mon-Thur.

Lunch Tour Menu

Includes everything from the Basic Tour option plus pre-ordered lunch. Add the Make Your Own Chocolate Tour for just an additional $5/person.


Make Your Own Chocolate Tour

$10.00/person. (Includes $5 Basic Tour fee.)
Minimum 8 persons. 
Available Mon-Thur. 

Do you crave a hands-on experience? This tour combines the Basic Tour with lessons on making an edible chocolate tulip cup that you will fill with chocolate mousse, decorate and devour.


Spend the Day Tour 

Limit 2 persons.* 

Begin at 9AM with a brief introduction. Then move into the kitchen where you will work beside the chef in each department - breads, pastries and chocolate. Tour includes lunch and a small gift. Call for more details. 
*During the Summer, we can accept chartered bus tours on Fridays.

For details on each of our tour types please email Leslie at lbrewer@ghyslain.com or call 765.964.7905 to schedule your tour.

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