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An artist can express himself in many ways. For Ghyslain Maurais, it has been through chocolate and pastry. Born in Québec, Canada, Ghyslain found his culinary passion while working in the field to fund his architectural education. Soon after, he changed career paths and entered the Institue du Tourisme et d'Hotelerie du Québec. Certified in French pastry, chocolate décor, candy making, blown/pulled sugar and bread making, Ghyslain has served as the head chef for the Quèbec Delegations in New York and London. His career includes experience as both a pastry and executive chef in first class restaurants and hotels. 


Chef Ghyslain Maurais"As president of the company I enjoy working directly with our customers to provide products to enhance their businesses.  Our pastries are ideal for a wide range of customers from upscale restaurants and hotels to large banquets and catering facilities.  Our pastry line is designed with individual pastry servings in a case to make your event easier and help control food costs.  Our artisanal breads are traditionally handcrafted with fresh ingredients in our kitchen.  We offer classic French croissants, baguettes and vennoise. I continue to work in our kitchen on a weekly basis to ensure the quality of the product we deliver to you is outstanding." - Chef Ghyslain 


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